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Text 26 Jul 4 notes

I was tagged by burninmymind, these are the first 10 songs from my mp3 on shuffle;

Brixton Briefcase - Chase and Status

21st century meltdown - Feeder

Taping songs off the radio - Lower than Atlantis

The ghost of eddie - Twin Atlantic

Elegy - Feeder

Teenager - Deftones

Knife Party - Deftones

Opium of the people - Slipknot

Shade - Feeder

Sending out waves - Feeder

I tag lopsidedmoon

so much feeder still aha…

Photo 29 Jun 2 notes I got this the other day :)

I got this the other day :)

Text 29 Jun 1 note

sorry i have been away… Im on placement at jaguar.. and its awesome cause they play Feeder in the studio.. and i get to take my ipod in and play feeder too :3

Text 29 Jun 1 note

shit. grant has tumblr.

plz dont look in my arhcive.. ha

Text 3 Mar 1 note

I am back. To tell you,

That Grant seems to have gone solo for the time being :o


Photo 30 Aug 12 notes here-in-the-bubble:

<3 <3
Text 29 Aug 2 notes

I got my ears pierced today and I was a bit nervous. But when I sat in the piericing room, Pushing the Senses came on the radio :) aw

Text 18 Aug 9 notes


Oh my GOD. I just searched the tag “Feeder” as in the BAND for an AUDIO post of their song “Turn” and oh lord…it’s all pictures of bellies and I didn’t want that.

It never used to be so bad :’(

Video 10 Aug 2 notes


Forgit how much I loved Feeder. This album is like meditation for me, never fails to chill me out & ease my mind.

Text 10 Aug 3 notes

I havent stopped liking feeder or anything.

Infact, im sitting here singing along to Comfort and Sound

I’ll post like i used to when they actually do something :P

Text 28 Jul

Happy Birthday to Taka :)

Photo 28 Jul 8 notes
via .
Text 15 Jun

feeder are playing their only gig of 2013 at reading uni and you dont have to be a student and I have a train ticket to reading sitting in my room D:

however, i am a girl… and girls cant go places on their own at night -.- and I have other things to do and no money…

Text 12 Jun

I used to think the feeder tag was pretty bad..

but my god has it got bad now.. aha

Text 12 Jun
omg this is beautiful crying
wow really? thanks :))

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